Thursday, October 22, 2009

Newt's Out, Ghosts & Goblins In!

A rather boring bit of an update, but there is finally some new food available on the MUD- Halloween themed. All right, so you guys had Halloween food for a year. A little reminder to me (aka- a smack in the face from time to time) wouldn't be out of the question. ;)

I'll also take food ideas, too, for the feast spell. I like to keep items seasonal, and fun, but semi-themed towards the time frame. We're not Clan, and don't do Subway & Pizza Hut.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Merriment of Masks Festival Coming Up

With fall arriving, we come to the very first festival that we created for Kingdoms of the Lost: The Mesilena Merriment of Masks. The festival will be around Halloween again, as it is every year. We'll be announcing the dates soon!

In the mean time, Chalgyr announced that we are accepting stories themed around the Merriment of Masks:

We will have a Festival on here near the end of the month (dunno if it will be Halloween weekend or another near one yet). As part of this, I'd like to offer people a chance to write up a story or two for our Story Archive.

For those who haven't used it yet, it is located here:

My only stipulation is it has to be about the Merriment of Masks in some way.
It doesn't even have to be more than "I went to Mesilena or the Merriment of Masks festival and then..." type of situation, though I think more creativity on that front would be welcome by all. I will post a brief story on here in regard to the very basic history of the festival itself.

You can copy/paste your story from the forum to here afterward, or you can simply do a story post linking to your forum post. Either is fine, but it has to be archived there and in some way referenced from here on the MUD.

Usually I give
250 rpxp for a story, here I'll give 500 and a crystalline token for each story (not for each chapter). Hopefully this is of some interest to a few of you guys and gets you in mindset for the upcoming festival.

Now is the time to start writing! See you at the ball!